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Geocaching Movies and TV Shows

posted Nov 22, 2012, 9:09 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Sep 13, 2013, 9:15 AM by Geocaching Austin Group Admin ]
Geocaching has shown up in many Hollywood movies.  Some movies are based around Geocaching, or have Geocaching scenes.

The list below is what compilation from multiple sources came up with.  I have linked each title with a page on IMDB and movies pages (if found).  These movies actually have a Geocaching theme or have the sport of Geocaching found within the movie.

G.P.S. The MovieIMDB
Official Movie Website
Official Movie Website
Are You Scared 2IMDB
Rotten Tomatoes Review

Official Movie Website
Buried Treasure
Official Movie Website

Another set of movies for those movie watchers and cinema buffs that have an adventurous theme to them that falls in the realm of Geocaching.  Having told solve puzzles (Puzzle caches) before finding a prize or having to follow clues or gather clues to get to a final prize (much like Letterboxing and Multi-caches).

National Treasure

There are some listed on the forums.  There is a ton of discussion.  Read it all here: