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County, Private and Highway Roads - Markings and Signs

posted Nov 22, 2012, 1:57 PM by Greg Jewett
The Question

From Mike Detlefsen (jmd65)
I've been roaming around to find some places for new caches the last few weeks, and I have seen more than a few gravel roads branching off paved routes that are marked as County Roads on my maps (phone/tablet apps from several sources), but they have gates that are closed and padlocked. I would have thought that county roads would have public access. Granted that the maps I'm using could be in error on some of these, but some have physical signs posted identifying them.


Huggy Bear Fbg (Luther)
I live Gillespie County where all the county roads are paved.  County roads are identified with a green background and white letters sign (meaning go).  Private roads are identified with a red background and white letters sign.

From: dirich92

A friend of a friend lives out in Mason county. There are a few gates on their road, even though it's a public road. That's to keep the cows in. The gates to their house are not locked. But they also told me of neighbors on other roads who do lock their gates, even though it's a public road.