You might be a Geocacher

posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:22 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Jan 24, 2012, 8:01 PM ]
The local Central Texas Geocachers put together an impromptu list of funny (and very true) things that would indicate you are a Geocacher
  • When you can call out the brand of the GPSes appearing in a TV show. [Tygress]
  • You carry more swag in your hiking bag than water.  [Bicycle_Junkie]
  • Your muggle friends on Facebook are posting pictures of various outdoorsy places they have just been and all you can think is where the cache would be in the photo and they don't even know it. [ZionZR2]
  • You buy stuff you don't use because the container will make a cool cache! [Esther/BGTx]
  • You rate the cache worthiness of every container see. [Jay - BingOGT]
  • You know you've been caching when you wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom! [Esther/BGTx]
  • When you open your favorite caching app on your phone—out of habit—and just stare at the screen for a while before remembering you were about to call someone.  (Much like opening the fridge for no reason and standing there for a minute before finally closing it.) [Matt / Kemis]
  • When you think of funny names for a cache while driving, then spend the rest of your drive trying your best to actually find a place that would match the crazy name.  (I haven’t found many that actually match my funny name yet.) [Matt / Kemis]
  • When you buy erasers shaped like cupcakes, hamburgers, skulls, and hands making the sign for "I love you" and you don't even have children! [Holly/earthenborn]
  • When you're a white woman sitting in your car in the parking lot of an African American church on Wednesday evening when the service lets out, and you're still trying to convince yourself that it's not too conspicuous to get out and walk around in that cemetery (GC1PHX9).  [Holly/earthenborn]
  • When you get an ammo can filled with trinkets, a golf pencil, and a mini notebook qualify as a GREAT gift from your family!!! [Esther/BGTx]
  • You see someone pulled over to the side of the road and wonder what they're doing, because there isn't a cache there. [Russ the Waterweasel]
  • OR you wonder if they're there on the side of the road PLACING a new cache that you can be FTF on! [Mrs. Captain Picard]
  • You see someone walking out of a field and know that they are geocaching because there is a cache there. [Jay - BingOGT]
  • When you know all the local noxious weeds on sight, but couldn't name your grandma's prize hydrangea without a field guide. [Tygress]
  • People ask you why you have leaves in your hair, after coming back from a lunch break. [ckpetrus]