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Have you discovered Munzee?

posted Dec 13, 2012, 3:43 PM by Greg Jewett
Greg Jewett, December 13, 2012

Munzee is a fairly new game that has really taken off much like Geocaching and complements the Geocaching very well.

I checked out Munzee last year and I did not really get into the game too much, just due to the lack of the number of Munzees in the area to capture.  This year, I noticed a bunch of Munzee get deployed to the North Austin area and peaked my interest again. 

Since, I have captured a bunch of Munzees found online in You Tube, different websites and outside in many different locations.   Unlike Geocaching, Munzees work anywhere you can print or display a QR code.

I have also contributed to the game, deploying Munzee tags in Cedar Park, Bastrop, Flatonia and many places in Austin.  After my initial deployment of roughly 30 tags, I am going to deploy Munzees with all my Geocaches that I hide and then come up even more creative hides for future Munzee tags. 

As with Geocaching, it is free to join, and does have a paid premium membership that is optional.   Check it out.  See how you can help with growing the map and how you can quickly score many points and start competing with other players.

Check out the forums and the hundreds of websites that exist and dedicated to the Munzee game.