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Hi_Dude98! 50K Finds!

posted Jan 16, 2015, 7:23 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 7:33 AM ]

written by GeoJewett

When someone reaches this kind of milestone, something has to be said, celebrations have to be held, and recognition has to be bestowed!   Congratulations Paul (Hi_Dude98)!

It wasn't too long ago (2011) that I was at an event that I was attended an event for Paul's 25,000th cache find milestone, eating some burgers, and handing out high-fives at Phil's Ice House (GC33179).

Paul has quite a few adventures in his quest for those astronomical find numbers, from sleeping in his car, teaming up with friends and taking turns driving, sleeping, and grabbing caches!  He has been interviewed on Podcacher and many other podcasts, and written about in the FTF magazine!  We soon hope to get an exclusive from him and get some of his stories published on the site!

Make sure you check out the Tribute cache, HiDude 98 - 50K Tribute (GC5K78A), placed for the milestone achievement!

An event will soon be held for all to start a new round of high-fives (or high-tens) with Paul!   Congrats again!

I wasn't able to capture "friend" section when he actually rolled 50K, but close enough!

He hit his milestone of 50K on January 12th, 2015 with the completion and the challenge cache find "Jasmer Challenge (Texas Edition) (GC2E8N6)".

Tygress' log for the August Streaked Out event -- Russ the Waterweasel

posted Sep 8, 2013, 7:49 PM by Greg Jewett

(In the classic Ray Steven's voice and song..)

Hello everybody, this is your action news reporter
With all the news that is news across the nation
On the scene at the Rudy's on 360
There seems to have been some disturbance here
Pardon me sir, did you see what happened?
Yeh, I did...I was standing over there by the sodie machine
And here they come
Splashin' that Spicy Sause and wavin' they coleslaw
Chatterin' like jay-birds.
And I hollered over at Ethel...I said, "don't look Ethel"
It was too late, she'd already been iced...

Here they come; boogie-dy, boogie-dy
There they go; boogie-dy, boogie-dy
In their cache-ready clothes

But don't you call it a streak
Though the month is complete
Just as proud as can be
Souvenir set there to see
If in Profile you peek
(oh MY!)
But don't you call it a streak
Though 31 days had cache seek
And the heat was so mean
But to find we were keen
Don't want to jinx smile's physique

This is your action news reporter once again
And we're here in the dining area
Pardon me sir, did you see what happened?
Yeh, I did...I was just in here savorin' my ribs
And they just appeared out of the traffic
Come streakin' around the paper towel dispenser there
Talkin' about 31 days of smiles
I looked in there and Ethel was refillin' her cold drink
I hollered..."Don't look Ethel!"
It was too late...She'd already been coordinated.
Flashed her right there in front of the cups of plastic ware.

We ain't rude; boogie-dy, boogie-dy
We ain't lewd; boogie-dy, boogie-dy
We're just geocache clued.

But don't you call it a streak
Though gold tints each days' cheek
No wallowing in the blues
Sorting out unfound news
To sign a cache log unique...

Once again, your action news reporter at the automatic handwasher
Covering the disturbance at the metal sink
Pardon me sir, did you see what happened?
Yeh, I did...I just wandered over here
To rinse the BBQ off my fingers
And there they come, weavin' around the tables
All buzzin' about this geosport.
They all have a nerdy look, I'm thinkin'
Made a hook shot into the garbage and took off into the night.
I hollered over at Ethel, I said, "don't look, Ethel!"
It was too late...She'd already got a free shot
Grandstanded...Right there in front of the beer bins

Here they come...look...who's that with them?
Ethel, is that you, Ethel?
What do you think you're doing?
Why you got your SmartPhone on?
Ethel, where you going?
Ethel, you shameless hussy
Say it isn't so, Ethel

But don't you call it a streak
Though not a face here was bleak
Now August is through
And the daily to-do
Will lack the 'prizes' that piqued

No, no, it wasn't a streak
Though 31 days did eke
Finds the calender checked
Glad my mojo warn't wrecked
And now I've run Challenge Creek!

whew! did it.
Ok, I guess you CAN call it a streak.
Nice event; glad to see all those folks -- and a peacock, too!

And now I can make my route without checking if there's a cache on the way.

Backward Charlie 11,111 Finds!

posted Sep 29, 2012, 12:25 PM by Greg Jewett

from BarbJ/Tygress

One singular cache-tation
Every little log he signs
One geo-combination
Every move's caching fine
Gold smiles and you know his profile is blinding, too
You know you're cache won't be be lonely with you know who.
One, whether lamp or by fence
He's game for the geotest
For the guy is second best
To none,
Ooooh! Sigh! Have I your attention.
Do...I...really have to mention?
He's the One?

He walks into a room
And you know
He's un-
Commonly rare, very unique,
Cracker-jack, keen, cache's do gleam for his peek.
He walks there to GZ
Seek/finding pose, forensic ease
Cacherful please
Can't, help,
All of his qualities extol-ling.
Loaded with charisma is that
Jauntily sauntering, ambling geoquester
He approaches GZ
And you know you must
Scurry along, join the parade.
He's the quintessence of making the grade.
This is whatcha call
Oh, strut your stuff!
Can't log enough
With him
Love him
Wit as quick as a gun
He is one of
Singular sensation
Cache by cache his numbers mount
One thrilling cache-citation
Look at that most handsome coun
One smile and you're certain through and through
You know you'll never be lonely -- cache with you know who.

One moment's effervescence
And you can forget the rest.
For the guy is second best
To none,
Ooooh! Sigh! Have I your attention.
Do...I...really have to mention?
He's the One?
Happy caching, Charles....

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