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WWFM 2017 (World Wide Flash Mob)

posted Mar 27, 2017, 6:52 AM by Greg Jewett
WWFM:  June 10th, 2017

Ideas being bounced around:
  • Can we moon them down at the Capitol?
  • How about Mt Bonell or by the cows in the Arboretum?
  • Line up in front of Precision Camera and everyone take a flash photo at the same time?
  • Does anyone remember the "Splash Mob" that I hosted years ago? It was at the splash pad near the Palmer (Parmer?) event center at Lady Bird Lake. Everyone had water guns and/or balloons - we had a water fight. It was a blast and since it was so hot that day, a welcome relief. It was also well attended. I would love to do that again! 
    • There is a splash pad in Champion Park along Brushy Creek... Better Parking and not in the down town.
    • There is also one at Northeast Metro Park in Pflugerville. Remember the place where we did the "May the 4th Be With You" flash mob? That was fun!
  • Always alternatives!  We could have a Splash Force Mob!

Ideas from Sonny and Sandy (of Podcacher)
  • http://www.podcacher.com/10-fun-ideas-for-a-geocaching-flash-mob-part-1/
  • http://www.podcacher.com/10-more-fun-ideas-for-a-geocaching-flash-mob-part-2/
  • http://www.podcacher.com/10-fun-ideas-geocaching-flash-mob-part-3/
As we prepare for WWFM, we wanted to share some ideas for fun things to do at your WWFM event. These have all been featured at prior geocaching WWFM events.
  1. Bring paper and have everyone make a paper airplane, then fly them for fun or prizes
  2. Form a kazoo band, practice a short song, then perform it at a busy public place
  3. Have a water gun / water balloon fight on a hot summer day
  4. Blow bubbles off a bridge
  5. Have a dress-up theme: Star Wars, Beach Day, Sports Team, the color PURPLE
  6. Show up in a public place and do something strange: sing a song, talk on banana phones, do a phoon pose, play with silly string
  7. Bring newspapers and have everyone construct a hat for fun or prizes
  8. Have everyone show up in reflector vests with clipboards and walk around examining or measuring everything
  9. Walk around a city area with umbrellas up on a sunny day
  10. Show up at a popular tourist spot and give away free cookies or candy
  11. Bring items for beach play – to a non-beach locationEveryone bring (and wave) a flag
  12. Dress in black and pretend to be ninjas
  13. Wear the colors of your favorite sports team
  14. Have a Christmas themed event (in the spring / summer)
  15. Show up wearing roman togas
  16. Perform a mock wedding
  17. Bring musical instruments and try to play a simple tune
  18. Host a dog-friendly event with doggie treats to share and give away
  19. Meet at a famous statue and pose exactly like the statue
  20. Have a pillow fight (be sure to pick up any feathers left behind!!)
  21. Have people wear one of the 4 geocaching logo colors and attempt to form the logo
  22. Have a fake sword fight in the middle of a town square (with toy swords)
  23. Make and wear Signal the Frog masks; walk around and say “ribitt” to people
  24. Have a Frisbee game in a public space
  25. Show up in Hockey gear and pretend to play a game
  26. Everyone wear a funny / unique hat
  27. Have a prom theme where everyone dresses up; you can even vote for “king” and “queen”
  28. Do the chicken dance up and down a public street
  29. Show up at a mall food court and walk around talking on banana phones