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Geocaching Celebrating 2 Million Active Geocaches

posted Feb 20, 2013, 6:33 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Feb 20, 2013, 6:45 PM ]

from Geocaching.com Latitude 47 Blog 

Geocaching is an adventure that goes beyond just the numbers. However, sometimes it’s important to stand back and look at what all those numbers mean. Geocaching is on the verge of surpassing more than 2 million active geocaches. That’s 2 million on-demand adventures available around the world, 2 million locations for you to discover and share with friends, and 2 million geocaches that geocachers hid and now maintain. Let’s celebrate!

Join Geocaching in watching the countdown to the 2 millionth active geocache. Check out Geocaching.com for live updates every 15 minutes. Watch the Geocaching Blog for new videos and surprises for the global geocaching community when we reach the 2 millionth active geocache. We’ll also announce the name and the location of the 2 millionth active geocache when it happens, which should be any day now.

It’s easy to join the celebration, just go geocaching! You’ll find geocaches in more than 180 countries and a community of more than 5 million geocachers to join you in the adventure! Connect with us through the official Geocaching Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and follow us on Twitter.

While we’re excited to reach the 2 millionth geocache, we’re in no rush to get there. If you’re considering placing a geocache, remember – only quality geocaches need apply!

You can see the evolution of geocaching since 2000 by watching the video below. Watch and share 2 Million Geocaches in 1 Minute.

Two Million Geocaches in 1 minutes

The Travel Bug Travels video shows the movements of each and every Travel Bug in Geocaching history as it moves around the world from geocache to geocache.  Can you find your Travel Bug? Watch and share this video to wow your friends with the worldwide phenomenon of Geocaching.

YouTube Video

Click on the info-graphic for a look at some of the wonders of the geocaching world.