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Survey: Help out Oregon State Doctoral Student

posted Feb 5, 2017, 4:22 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Mar 1, 2017, 9:49 AM ]
SURVEY IS CLOSED!   Thanks for everyone that helped Dianna out!

I received this email from Dianna Fisher, a doctoral student in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.  I completed her survey and the link was safe and asks one interesting questions.  I have asked for clarification regarding the "Charter Member" question (the second one).  I am not sure how long the survey is valid (also ask for clarification on this as well) so complete it if you can as soon as you can.

Hello Geocacher, 

This request for participation in a survey is part of a research project that will contribute to my doctoral dissertation. I would appreciate your help with this project.

 I am seeking to understand geocachers’ opinions about the possible impact that caching may have on the natural environment. You can help by completing the brief survey linked below. It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete the survey. By responding to these questions, you will help create a better understanding about how geocachers view their impact. 

 If you are a charter member, I am also seeking to understand, if you are still an active geocacher, what keeps you geocaching.  If you are no longer active, why did you choose to no longer participate?

If you have found and logged an APE Cache, I am interested in knowing why you might have traveled to find that geocache and how far your travel was from your home.

To participate in this research project, you must be of the age of consent in your location. If you are, click on this link to participate in the survey.


Thank you, and happy caching!

Dianna Fisher (FESPhD17)
Doctoral Student, College of Forestry

Study PI: Joanne Tynon, Ph.D.
Study Title: Perceptions of Geocaching: Impacts and Involvement