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Portion of River Place Nature Trail Closed!

posted Mar 24, 2012, 5:50 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Mar 24, 2012, 6:15 PM ]

A close-up of the posted sign.
Contributed by: John Daleske  (JnEcache)

Was out this evening at River Place Nature Trail which hosts many multicache chains, such as the Solar System and Rainbow.  Posted at the trailhead kiosks is a marked up map showing that segment of the trail north of the intersection is closed.  I would estimate this is at least a half mile and possibly as much as a mile of the trail.
According to a Realtor who I met there concerned about the closure was that the Balcones group (i.e. Federal authorities) closed it as illegally constructed, notifying both the city, but especially the River Place MUD that built the trail.  The Realtor mentioned he had a sale in the area pending the outcome.  The buyer particularly was locating there because of the nature trail.
This directly affects at least some of the stages of the Rainbow series.

See photos below.  Click any of the images to see a larger version.

Shows the Trailhead map.  Sorry for the contrast.  The sun was setting.
Shows a close up of the CLOSED section.

Shows the location of the sign on the trail from the south end.  It is at the top of the long stairs almost exactly at the .5 mile marker.

Provides an overall map of the trail system.

Opinion by B/Tygress

I guess what particularly cheeses me off is how wrong headed it is.
Keep a steady group of people going along a trail -- nature don't care! I watched two wild river otters go up a creek, pretty much intentionally ignoring all the folks there at Muir Woods. We would stay on our boardwalk, they had the creek. No interspecies problems. Same with bear and moose in Alaska.

Only the law abiding will attend to a no tresspassing sign. And without a steady supply of suburban eyes, you're going to get illegal encampments -- and, regardless of how you feel sociologically, they are a MESS -- kids dumping, illegal dumping.... it's the areas where folks don't go in the greenbelts that get trashed. As geocachers we've SEEN this.

Keep people moving through in a predictable manner, and nature adapts -- plus, we keep an eye on the area.
Keeping folks out won't protect Panther Creek.
But I think the folks making the call really have little understanding regarding the very eco zones they wish to save. This, is, of course, prejudice -- built from years of observing provably stupid responses to protecting species. [Such as a 'Don't Stop! Eagle's Nest' sign -- well, hell, EVERYBODY stopped then! And it was the Eagles who picked the spot overseeing two highways....]