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New and Improved Guidelines for Challenge Caches

posted Jun 1, 2016, 9:15 AM by Greg Jewett
Challenge Caches!Last Spring, we paused accepting submissions for new challenge caches to collect data and reevaluate the impact they have on the game. We're happy to announce that new challenge caches can now be submitted in accordance with the updated Challenge Cache Guidelines.

The new framework for challenge caches was shaped by feedback from geocachers and Community Volunteer Reviewers around the world. Hundreds of geocachers took part in our User Insights Forum and nearly 20,000 of you also completed our survey on challenge caches. With all of this data in hand, we set about building a framework that we hope will allow challenge caches to continue and thrive. You can read all about the process on the Geocaching Blog.

Here are the key points:
- One of the most significant changes is that all future challenge caches must include a web-based challenge checker.
- The guidelines were updated with the goal of eliminating many of the issues that caused problems during the review process.

See all of the changes made to the Challenge Cache Guidelines here. We’re happy to know that challenge caches will continue to inspire people around the world to achieve exciting geocaching goals!

P.S. Wondering what a challenge cache is? Challenge caches allow geocache owners to create “challenges” you have to accomplish before you can log a specific geocache, like meeting the challenge of finding a geocache on every day of the year. Learn more here.

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