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GPS Adventure Maze in San Antonio

posted May 29, 2012, 7:37 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Aug 29, 2012, 10:11 AM ]
As of 2012-08-29, this event has been cancelled.  No update as of yet any reschedule time frame.

Contributed by rabel6973 (Dwayne)

The GPS Adventure Maze is coming to San Antonio's Witte Museum on Sept 29, 2012 - Jan 27, 2013
Official website: http://www.gpsmaze.com/

The icon without all the miles and mile to get there.

The Witte Museum promotes lifelong learning through innovative exhibitions, programs, and collections in natural history, science and South Texas heritage.

More information from GPS Adventure Maze Website

About GPS Adventures
The GPS Adventures Maze is an educational traveling exhibition introducing GPS technology - its history, current uses and future possibilities. Visitors will learn the basics of traditional and modern navigation, see examples of GPS technology in use today, preview coming developments, and try their hand at designing future applications. They will simulate the sport of geocaching as they search for hidden caches and gain access to content rich educational galleries.
Geared toward ages six through adult, the exhibit will travel to museums and science centers throughout the US and Canada. Millions of children and adults will hold GPS-enabled gear for the first time, opening doors to the life changing possibilities GPS technology makes possible both today and tomorrow.

Key Messages
- Satellite 1: The History of Navigation — Traditional Navigation is complicated. GPS makes it easy.
- Satellite 2: The Great Outdoors — The outdoors are for everyone. Be prepared, go play and Leave No Trace.
- Satellite 3: GPS Today — Geocaching, the worldwide sport of hiding and seeking treasure
- Satellite 4: The Future of GPS — GPS is changing the way we live.

The Experience
A 2,500 square foot maze simulates the experience of GPS and Geocaching in four environments: city, local park, back-country and historic site. Wall panels feature thematic graphics up to 12 ft long and 7 ft high of rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, city streets and structures. Maze dead ends portray impassable obstacles such as waterfalls, cliffs and ravines.

Enticed by the lure of treasure hunting, visitors enter the maze through an orientation room where they will learn what they need to know before embarking on their treasure hunting adventure:
1) Find four hidden caches (treasures)
2) Solve the cache puzzle to decipher the secret code
3) Use the code to enter each satellite room
4) Stamp your Adventure Card.

Floor graphics provide the direction and distance to all four satellite rooms. As is the case when traveling with a GPS unit, visitors have a reading of their location at all times, but it is not always possible to follow a heading as the crow flies.

After locating and gaining entry into each satellite room, visitors are engaged by hands-on interactives, educational displays, videos and touch panels that address the many facets of GPS technology, Geocaching, and the great outdoors.

In each satellite room, visitors stamp their Adventure Card with one of four mystery coordinates. Once all four are collected, they return to the World Map Station at the front of the maze, plot the coordinates, and discover their Treasure City to complete the adventure.