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Diversified Geocacher Contest

posted Feb 2, 2012, 4:12 PM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Mar 29, 2014, 3:53 PM ]
From NativTxn (Denise E. Vajdak)
I came up with a little contest for February, just for fun (and a couple of prizes).  Check it out and challenge yourself to think outside the cache box.

Diversified Cacher Contest

By NativTxn

This contest period will run through February 29, 2012.  Complete as many of the tasks listed below as possible.  All finds, hides, etc. must take place on or after February 1, 2012 unless otherwise stated.  You will have until March 7, 2012 to return your entry form to me.  The person with the most tasks completed will win a $20 gift certificate to GxProxy and one of my unactivated GxNomads that can be activated and tracked at geocaching.com.  In case there are multiple entries with the same number of tasks completed, a drawing will be held amongst those entries. I may have some donations from other entities to add as well. We'll see how this progresses. Good luck and most importantly - HAVE FUN!

One entry form per cacher. A cache may only be used on one task.

Include the Cache ID, Cache Name and Log Date on each item.  
  1. Find a cache with a size larger than “Small” (any listing site).
  2. Attend an Event (any listing site).
  3. Find a Virtual cache (any listing site).
  4. Find a Puzzle/Mystery/Unknown cache (any listing site).
  5. Find a Locationless cache (any listing site).
  6. Find a Multi-Stage cache (any listing site).
  7. Find a Letterbox Hybrid (any listing site).
  8. Complete a Where I Go cache.
  9. Find any cache on Geocaching.com.
  10. Find any cache on Opencaching.US.
  11. Find any cache on Terracaching.com.
  12. Find any cache on Opencaching.com (Garmin).
  13. Place a cache on Geocaching.com.
  14. Place a cache on Opencaching.US.
  15. Place a cache on Terracaching.com.
  16. Place a cache on Opencaching.com (Garmin).
  17. Place a Virtual cache (any listing site).
  18. Create a BIT cache (Opencaching.US only)
  19. Find a cache more than 100 miles from your home location.
  20. Find one of my caches on Opencaching.US (in Texas and Louisiana).
  21. Find one of my caches on Geocaching.com (in Texas only).
  22. Find one of my caches on Terracaching.com (includes Locationless ones).
  23. Find a cache with a Kid/Family Friendly attribute.
  24. Find a cache with a 5 Difficulty or Terrain rating.
  25. Find a cache/attend an event on Valentine’s Day.
  26. Find a cache/attend an event on February 29. 
  27. Move a Geocaching.com trackable (List the TB number (not tracking code) and dates of Retrieve and Drop)
  28. Move a GeoKrety.org trackable (List the GK number (not tracking code) and dates of Retrieve and Drop)
  29. Create your own GeoKrety.org trackable (List GK number)
  30. Fill every day in February on your 366-day cache calendar. (Does not have to be just this year).  If using multiple sites, have the calendar from GSAK accessible on your Geocaching.com profile or other location (See Caching Stats page of my website or Geocaching.com profile for a sample).  List URL of calendar here.
Bonus:  If you are registered to attend the MEGA Event, 10th Annual Texas Challenge 2012 (GC33CNK), what Team are you registered with?  Hunting or Non-Hunting, either way.

Click here to enter online.

Click here for Printable Form.