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Bastrop State Park: $10,000 Grant to Fund Bastrop State Park Trail Building

posted Jun 15, 2012, 8:13 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Nov 25, 2012, 6:35 AM ]
Contributed by Jeremy

I wanted to thank you for posting about the possibility of Bastrop State Park in the running for $100,000 in Coke's contest. I recently found out that we may lose our 2nd place position which would lower Bastrop's prize to


Check out the previous article!

Visit this link to learn more, and vote for Bastrop State Park!

only $25,000. Georgia is playing hardball and have voting banks or teams that live by both the 1st & 3rd place parks, they get 100 votes by checking into Foursquare as if they were at the park. Their strategy is to gain Swift-Cantrell (1st place) a far enough lead so that the voting banks can switch to voting on another Georgia park, Jekyll Island State Park (currently in 3rd) and surpass Bastrop State Park and get 2nd prize, giving Georgia a total of $150,000. If we don't pass the word on and get folks voting, we will lose valuable resources ($25k) to get our damaged park back on track.

Bastrop received only 1,835 votes last night while Jekyll Island State Park received 18,203. If they keep up this pace they will surpass Bastrop by the close of voting day on July 15th.  Please pass the word on to encourage folks to vote and vote often. If they live close enough to the park they can "check in" via Foursquare & get 100 votes, then they check out again and repeat... Just like the folks in Georgia.

Thank you for your help & feel free to pass this info on!


$10,000 Grant to Fund Bastrop State Park Trail Building
Aug. 23, 2012

BASTROP - Bastrop State Park will use a $10,000 grant from Coca-Cola to underwrite the continued building of new park trails.

Bastrop State Park is receiving the grant in connection with Coca-Cola's "America Is Your Park" campaign, in which parks nationwide competed to win the most votes for a top grant of $100,000. Bastrop State Park came in 12th with 661,565 votes.

"The tremendous support we received from people and companies for Bastrop State Park is testament to the special place this park holds in the minds and hearts of Texans," said Brent Leisure, Texas State Parks director. "We are very appreciative of Coca-Cola's $10,000 donation that will allow us to hire America's YouthWorks to complete new trails in the park."

Bastrop State Park has been making a strong comeback since last Labor Day Weekend's horrific wildfire that burned most of the park.

Since last year's tragic Labor Day fire that hit 96 percent of the 6,500-acre state park, more than $200,000 in donations for Bastrop State Park recovery have come from a variety of sources. The donations have helped TPWD initiate a contract with American YouthWorks to assist with restoration efforts that include clearing downed trees and other debris, restoring park trails and constructing hand-hewn pine log bridges.

Despite the destruction of much of its loblolly pine forests, Bastrop State Park is seeing the growth of some vegetation and the return of park customers who are coming to camp, rent a cabin, fish, play golf and picnic.  Visitors can stay at all four campgrounds and the 13 climate-controlled cabins, which are sporting new shingle roofs, and most of the park trails have been reopened.

For more information on the America Is Your Park campaign, visit