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ALERT: St. Edwards Park Area Burglaries!

posted Aug 18, 2013, 7:36 AM by Greg Jewett

Sad News

We went to go get a few caches on the trails at St. Edwards today to celebrate International Geocaching Day (and day 17) and came back to the passenger window of our SUV smashed in and my purse which was under the front seat taken. We had to get new locks for our home doors tonight since my keys were in there as well. The cashier at Home Depot said that St. Edwards has had a lot of car break-ins lately because people have come in to get new locks and have mentioned it. We had not heard about that. I wanted to let you all know so the word gets out.

My poor, little 6 year old can not understand why anyone would do that to us. Hard lesson learned today. :-(

(Mom of the Cacherats!)

Fellow cachers - please be alert if you are geocaching in the area of St. Edwards Park area.  One of our own was burglarized recently in the area.   Employees of the local Home Depot brought this string of events to our geocaching Mom - saying they have seen a lot of key and lock replacement requests from recent people of have been burglarized.

Map of the area (click to enlarge).