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A cache series along Highway 71, southwest of Austin

posted Jan 25, 2012, 8:45 AM by Greg Jewett   [ updated Jan 25, 2012, 8:51 AM ]
A cache series along Highway 71, southwest of Austin
This series consists of 71 caches along Highway 71, plus a bonus puzzle cache. In order to solve the puzzle, you will need some information from each cache. In most of the caches, the puzzle information is visible on the bottom of the container lid, and it is also present on the log sheet. On some containers, the information is only on the log sheets. Either way, I recommend taking a camera with you so you can get a picture of the information.

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A cache series along Highway 71, southwest of Austin

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This series is mostly relatively straightforward, and will pose only a few challenges to experienced cachers. If you feel that any of the cache ratings are too high (or too low), please feel free to say so. D/T ratings are so subjective that I'm always open to opinions from others. Most containers are 35mm film cans. There are a handful of bison tubes and a small number of non-standard containers.

If the log sheets get close to being full, please let me know so I can replace them with new logs. The logs contain pieces to the puzzle cache, and are specific to each cache in the series, so replacements will be best if they come from me. Also, please log DNFs and shoot me a note if you find a cache at coordinates that differ much from the posted coords. This will help me diagnose problems with the caches & take corrective action.

A word about safety: Highway 71 is a busy road. In all cases, the cache is located near a reasonable place to park. Many (most?) are driveways or other pavement. Some are large swaths of grass. DO NOT SIMPLY PULL ONTO THE SHOULDER CLOSE TO THE HIGHWAY. If you haven't figured out where to park, please spend a moment looking for the parking spot before you get out of your car -- there IS a safe place for you to park for each cache!

The series is numbered sequentially going "west" from the Y in Oak Hill. Numbers 1 through 59 are on the "north" side of the road, as you drive out from Oak Hill towards Pace Bend. Numbers 60 through 71 are on the "south" side, as you drive back from Pace Bend towards Oak Hill. The traffic on Hwy 71 is typically dense enough that changing sides of the road can be difficult, so if you plan to work this series in one session, I recommend doing them in numerical order rather than trying to get them opportunistically as you go west.

Good luck, and happy caching!