2011 Geocaching Awards Rules

Nominating and Voting Periods

Nominating will start on January 16th, 2012, and continue until February 29th. Voting will begin on March 1st, and continue until April 30th.

Rules of Eligibility

Nominated caches, events, logs, and photos must have been hidden (or occurred for events) in 2011. They must be hidden or have occurred less than 50 miles from the Capitol in Austin. Cache GC142B will be used as the reference point. Except for events, all nominated caches must not be archived and must be kept active for voters to visit during the nominating and voting periods.

Nominating InstructionsUse the form on this site to submit your nominations. You do not have to enter a nomination in each category, and you can return to the nomination form later to add to the categories you skipped, or to add another nominee to any category.

There is no limit on the number of caches you can nominate for each category.  We ask you to your caching name each time you submit a nominee. Your name will not be displayed on the nominee list, but will be used to contact you if we need to clarify any information about your nominations.   Please nominate only caches that truly standout in their category.  For Premium Members, please consider marking your nominated caches as "Favorite".

Winner Selection

There are two types of selection for the winners:  Popular votes and committee selection.

4 categories will be chosen by popular vote:
  • Best Event
  • Cachers' Choice (Favorite Overall)
  • Best Log
  • Best Picture

People will be able to vote for all the nominated caches, events, logs, pictures for these 4 categories.

Each geocaching name is allowed one vote per category. You can return to this page later to change your vote. Your last submission for a given category will be the one counted. Again, we ask that you use the honor system and provide your caching name each time you submit a vote. Your name will not be displayed with the votes. Votes without a valid caching name will not be counted. The voting form will be available on this site.

The rest of the categories will be decided by a committee. The goal is to make sure that all caches get the same fair review. Each cache will be visited by at least one member of the committee. The member of the committee will meet virtually and discuss the nominees for each category. After discussion, they will vote and chose the winner for each category. The committee can decide to also attribute a runner-up prize for caches that are very close to the winner. In case a cache by a committee member is submitted, this committee member will be excused from the vote for this category. Members of the committee are invited by the award team. They are recognized cachers that represent different geographic areas of the Central Texas geocachers. The award team also participates to the voting.

For categories where there is a very small number of nominees, the committee has the right to decide not to give an award for the year.  This is subject to a majority vote of the committee.
Tips for finding eligible caches

The simplest way is to go your geocaching profile, click on the "Geocaches" tab and click on "All Cache Finds". The fourth column will show you when caches were hidden. Go back through the list of caches, if one stands out in your memory, was placed in 2011 and is in the Austin area, then write the GC number down. When you have reached caches found before 2011, you are done and can submit the GC numbers in the form.

You can also create pocket queries or filters in GSAK. For pocket queries, I recommend choosing any cache that you have found and is active, with a terrain>=1 and difficulty>=1, that is within 50 miles of GC142B, and that has been placed between Jan, 1st 2011 and December 31st, 2011. This should get all the eligible caches.

2011 Committee

The 2011 Centex Award Committee members are:
Ligumaqua mda_taz TreyB
HiDude_98 Tygress Indigo Parrish
SoaringEagle GeoJewett Bicycle_Junkie